About Me

LLR 7-15 678I am wife to an amazing and handsome man, homeschooling mama to two beautiful souls, an artist/creator/mentor/healer/author and herbalist.  About three years ago, I left my 21-year career as a Paralegal, in order to move to a farm in the middle of ‘no where’ and be home full-time with my children.  It has been a life-altering decision, in the best ways imaginable.

One of my passions is being of service to others and helping them see the beauty they have within – especially women.  We are all amazing, and each one of us deserves to feel beautiful, loved and accepted.  I absolutely love the fact that I am part of a company that has made it their mission to empower women, strengthen families and build communities.  These clothes are allowing women to break stereotypes by giving them the confidence they seek, to explore fashion on their own terms.

Thank you so much for following me on this incredible journey!